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I’d like to share this with you all.. ………. ..
fifteen things that make me happy

yikes lol

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  1. cute phone cases! i buy them all its actually really bad but omg i have a strawberry one on now and its so cute fml
  2. airplanes. omg. especially military aircraft and omfg have you even experienced aerobatics omfgomfgomfg im excited just thinking about them
  3. learning makes me happy! like when youre reading or watching a movie and you learn a little fun fact aw that makes me happy
  4. mackerel ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) i just had some yaassss
  5. when you catch your train or bus at the perfect moment so you dont have to wait too long or when the driver waits for you when they see you sprinting for your life to get there yay
  6. the internet makes me happy ohohoh but honestly i’ve met so many people that i treasure so much and i wouldnt have met them otherwise
  7. good hair days. bless.
  8. compliments make me happy! i think they make everyone happy but when someone compliments you on something that took a lot of work or you tried really hard with its very rewarding
  9. dressing up wooooo i like wearing skirts and dresses and curling my hair and feeling pretty 
  10. matching bra and panties lmao holla
  11. omfg ok when i block in volleyball its the coolest most empowering thing ok it makes my whole day so much better
  12. when you google a homework question and someone already asked it on yahoo answers LOL
  13. i like looking through old pictures i think i was the cutest baby to ever happen and my grandma was so gorgeous when she was younger and my whole family looked like they loved each other ahah
  14. chocolate milk
  15. my favorite movies i like watching treasure planet or toy story when im sad because they always make me feel like a little boy and omfg i have this buzz lightyear hoodie and it makes me feel like i could save the whole galaxy im wearing it now actually omfg 

i tag anyone that wants to do it! i like doing tags ahahah its good to think of things that make you happy

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