Harper’s Bazaar Magazine 2014 October슬기. Seul Gi / 아이린. Irene

nonkorean said: Youngin’


gangnamclique said: i thought u were like at least my age or older wth


Happy birthday!
- jiyongkun

thank you!

Happy birthday! Have a great day and enjoy :D
- koreansmut

thank you!

gangnamclique said: wait what the hell ???????????? LOL

is everything ok LMFAO

Happy birthday, it's my birthday also. I like your blog and I hope you have the most wonderful day.
- cassy005

thank you! happy birthday to you as well! ^^

Happy birthday~
- jiwonu

thank you! it was yesterday but i fell asleep LOL

Happy birthday ♡ !!
- passmeabowl


Happy birthday!! ❤️
- zin-oh

thank you so much!

Happy birthday ^ ^
- yuumeii

thank you!

Happy birthday!Hope you have a good one!
- papizinoo

thank you!

Hey! Happy birthday, have a great day!! 🎂😃
- 2426-girl

thank you so much!

happy birthday! ^^ have a lovely one~ w/ lots of yummy cake C:
- y-uuwaku

thank you! I did LOL